These are prepared in a variety of ways: grilled, cooked, fried, stewed, sous-vide or a combination of these methods. We offer a wide variety in this product range.
Think cubes, strips, stews, and sausages, spare ribs, pulled meat or hamburgers. Food service customers use these products in their finished products. But we also offer them in consumer packaging. Van Loon Group offers these products in both frozen and cooled versions.

Van Loon Group offers a very extensive assortment of portioned / sliced fresh meat preparations. We deliver these products unprepared or in marinated or breaded versions. For example, bacon, chops, beef steaks, ham, pork tenderloin and fillet schnitzels.

By this we mean meat products that are portioned as desired and possibly spiced or breaded. This includes various varieties of hamburgers, meatballs, mincemeat schnitzels, bacon-wrapped mincemeat and sausages made of beef or pork (or a combination of both).

A masterpiece consists of a high-quality cut of meat, a culinary sauce, a special herb mix, a topping of almond shavings, a handy pop-up meat thermometer and comprehensive cooking instructions. All this in attractive packaging including a QR code. This allows consumers to follow the preparation instructions step by step. Examples: fricandeau with pepper sauce, calf tenderloin with porcini sauce or roast beef with red wine sauce.

Van Loon Group pork is 100% Better Life 1 star certified. A significant part of our beef is Better Life 2 star certified.

The share of organic meat in our total production grows each year. Some of our pig farmers possess Skal Bio certification. Biological beef is sourced from a selected number of fixed suppliers.