Van Loon Group is an enterprising family business and consists of nine passionate, innovative and forward-thinking producers of meat products, meat substitutes and ready meals.  On a daily basis 2,500 committed employees strive to contribute to our customers’ success in retail market, catering industry en B2B.

Focussed on the future. That’s how we operate today. And that’s how we were operating half a century ago. What started as a modest family business in the agricultural Dutch province of Brabant has now gown into the Van Loon Group: a group of dynamic companies across the Netherlands: Best Star Meat, Verhey Vlees, Van Loon Vlees, Meat Friends, Brandenburg Culinair, Promessa, Enkco, No Meat Today Company en Bonfait.

Our mission statement

Consumer enjoys a BBQ

We contribute to our customers’ success by creating delicious, responsible meat products, meat substitutes as well as ready meals for the enjoyment of consumers.

Our vision

Retail meat shelf

We deliver a varied range of high quality, sustainable and innovative products to the consumer through a range of channels. Our employees are at the heart of our business and strive to make a difference, day in, day out.

Our ambitions

The Blue Burger

We have the ambition of being and remaining the most sustainable and customer-oriented producer of meat products, meat substitutes and ready meals.


Van Loon Group is an enterprising family business. The work ethic, long-term vision and ‘improving every day’ mentality can be felt everywhere today: these elements are part of the company’s DNA.

Our core values

Improving every day

Van Loon Group has been focussing on the question of how to improve since 1971. Better collaboration in the supply chain. Making production more efficient and more sustainable. That’s why we are continuously innovating, testing and learning. Day after day. Enabling us to offer our clients and the end users the absolute best.

Focussed on the future

Van Loon Group is an integral part of society and accepts its responsibility for the world of tomorrow. We shape the future based on sustainable relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Always with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Committed team players

We are proud of our family history and we are committed to our colleagues. We listen, ask questions and challenge them. We provide each other with feedback and communicate openly with each other, working as a team to deliver the best results.

Winning together

We aim for success. We seek out solutions where others see threats. We are not afraid to stick our necks out and to take responsibility. We demonstrate decisiveness and determination, proving we have a winning mentality.

Executive Board

Jan Weijers

Jan Weijers 2c_klein

Roland van Loon

Roland van Loon 2_klein12

Cyril Claessens

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Pieter Geraerts

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1971 - 2021 | 50 years enterprising family business

In 1971, Jos van Loon, father of Erik and Roland, became an independent meat supplier serving local restaurants in and around Eindhoven. A smart decision, as the company grew steadily and its clientele grew along with them. In 1987, Erik joined the family business, followed by brother Roland in 1993. This provided a solid foundation for the current Van Loon Group family business.

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Our companies

Van Loon Group’s headquarters is in Eindhoven/Son, The Netherlands, and consists of 9 different producers of meat products, meat substitutes and ready meals with various production facilities spread throughout the entire Netherlands.

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