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Pig farmers (Pig at its Best) Klaas and Pieter receive first delivery of pig feed with processed animal protein

26 July 2022

AgruniekRijnvallei delivers first pig feed with processed animal protein 

On Monday 25 July 2022, AgruniekRijnvallei (AR) delivered the first consignment of pig feed containing processed animal protein to Maatschap Mijnheer-Post in Rouveen. They are participating in 'Varken op z'n'best', Van Loon Group's innovative chain concept that attaches great importance to circularity.

This involves poultry proteins from processed by-products from the meat sector. These by-products come from animals that have been approved for human consumption. The use of these by-products contributes to closing protein and mineral cycles.

Natural and healthy 
Pigs are omnivores by nature. Processed animal protein is a raw material that pigs naturally need in their diet in order to perform to the maximum without stress. Animal protein has a very favourable amino acid pattern and is more digestible for pigs than vegetable protein. Especially for young animals, we see major advantages: piglets grow faster and feel more comfortable, which makes them calmer. In addition, animal protein is a good substitute for the raw material soy, which is often discussed in connection with deforestation.

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