Van Loon Group is the market leader in meat and convenience, making sustainable food accessible to everyone by acting as a chain orchestrator. For pork, we achieve this through our innovative chain program called "Varken op z'n Best" (Pork at its Best). This program follows a comprehensive chain approach. We enhance animal health and welfare, reduce pressure on nature and the environment, and improve the quality of the meat. We collaborate with chain partners to establish a transparent and fair distribution of the chain margin, including supporting the earnings model of the pig farmers. Together, we ensure that sustainable meat remains affordable.


Aim of Varken op z’n Best (Pork at its Best)

The aim of our innovative chain concept is to enhance the quality of pork and make the chain transparent, sustainable, and manageable. "Varken op z'n Best" is based on an integrated approach that involves all links in the chain, with four key elements at its core: comprehensive chain approach and earnings model, Animal Welfare and Animal Health, Environment and Nature, and Meat Quality.

Integrated supply chain approach

 The VOB programme consists of four distinctive elements:

  • Comprehensive chain approach and earnings model
  • Animal Welfare and Animal Health
  • Environment and Nature
  • Meat Quality

Our chain partners

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Pillar 1: Comprehensive chain approach and earnings model

Van Loon Group believes in a comprehensive approach throughout the entire chain. We choose a limited number of chain partners per link and, as a chain orchestrator, we emphasize active collaboration among all the links.

Genetics choice
The farmer works with one of the established boar lines, suited to producing the ideal porker.
3 Selected feed suppliers
Farmers feed according to a pre-defined feeding plan to encourage homogeneity.
Climate control
Data enables extra focus on creating the optimal pigsty climate. Use of climate chambers in the pigsty.
Pest control
Maintenance contract with an independent certified company.



As a result, we support the earnings model of the pig farmer and are able to quickly implement market and consumer demands. Our goal is to achieve a fair and healthy distribution of the chain margin, allowing all chain partners to continue innovating and investing in further sustainability efforts.

Clean water
Optional acidification of water pipes plus sampling and monitoring.
High standards of cleaning the pig stalls
Coating pigsties. Optional through financing fund, and recommended for poorly performing companies.
Hygiene management on the farm
Established protocols (hygiene barrier, clothing, materials, etc.) for optimal hygiene.
Coaching & checking
Support from an established Pig Advisory Team (PAT): vet, feed supplier, pig farmer.
Pig farmer Pieter looks after his pigs

Pilar 2: Animal Welfare and Animal Health

The foundation for "Varken op z'n Best" in terms of animal welfare is the 1-star Better Life Certification. All participating pig farmers, transporters, and slaughterhouses in our chain are certified accordingly. Van Loon Group also strives for continuous improvement in this aspect every day. The pig farmers work with consistent genetics and corresponding feed plans, while placing maximum attention on hygiene management for the healthiest animals.

Pilar 3: Environment and Nature

Sustainability of the chain is a crucial goal for "Varken op z'n Best." We particularly focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the pork and increasing the circularity of the feed.

Chain programme Varken op z'n Best (Pork at its Best) reduces pressure on nature and the environment
Van Loon Group aims to deliver the most delicious and consistently high-quality cuts of pork to every consumer.

Pilar 4: Meat Quality

The pig farmer utilizes consistent genetics and corresponding feed plans, while prioritizing maximum attention to hygiene management on and around the farm.

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