The range of products and labels that Van Loon Group can offer its customers is enormous.  Whether you are looking for an innovative meat substitute, a good piece of meat or an ultra fresh meal? We produce it!

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Fresh meat preparations

We offer a very extensive assortment of portioned / sliced fresh meat preparations. We deliver these products unprepared or in marinated or breaded versions. For example, bacon, chops, beef steaks, ham, pork tenderloin and fillet schnitzels.

Minced meat preparations

By this we mean meat products that are portioned as desired and possibly spiced or breaded. This includes various varieties of hamburgers, meatballs, mincemeat schnitzels, bacon-wrapped mincemeat and sausages made of beef or pork (or a combination of both).

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Prepared meat products

These are prepared in a variety of ways: grilled, cooked, fried, stewed, sous-vide or a combination of these methods. We offer a wide variety in this product range. Think cubes, strips, stews, and sausages, spare ribs, pulled meat or hamburgers. Food service customers use these products in their finished products. But we also offer them in consumer packaging. Van Loon Group offers these products in both frozen and cooled versions.

Ready meals

We have a wide range of ready-to-eat meals and meal components. In addition to these products, we also offer many types of basic salads, (raw food) sauces and a product range for small bites and snacks.

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This is the quality we guarantee

Consumers must be able to rely on healthy, safe and sustainable meat products, meat substitutes and ready meals. This requires thoroughly hygienic and food safe production processes: 

  • a hygienic and fully food-safe production process
  • transparency: we always know exactly where our raw materials come from and communicate openly about each part of the chain
  • we are continuously working on developing healthier products (less fat, less salt, less allergens, fewer E-numbers)
  • sustainable business across the board

In the food processing industry, quality is a wide-ranging term. Van Loon Group is committed to continuously improving the quality of its products and ensuring the greatest possible security. Each of us strives towards this, every day – not only our QA (Quality Assurance) department.

Food safety

Food products are perishable products. Our processes, systems and processes are, therefore, fully adapted to optimising hygiene and food safety and constantly being monitored. Naturally, all Van Loon Group companies are certified BRC or IFS Higher Level.


Each year, we carry out 400+ of internal audits (including Hygiene, Order and Neatness – Hygiëne, Orde en Netheid / HON) and undergo 60+ of external audits. We also carry out more than 25,000 microbiological analyses each year, including raw materials, end products and process water.


Van Loon Group strives to fully understand each step in the chain. This makes the whole process (‘from farmer to plate’) transparent to us, but also to our clients and ultimately the consumer. We always know exactly what the source of our raw materials is. That offers a feeling of security.


Van Loon Group has 11 unique quality certifications (such as IFS, Better Life, Bio…) and 49 further certificates across 11 locations.

Sustainable production

We have the ambition of being and remaining the most sustainable producer of our industry. From solar panels on the roof to stimulating employees towards ‘sustainable behaviours’. And from heat recovery to reducing waste water contamination levels. This is just a selection from the full range of measures that Van Loon Group puts into practice. We do everything we can to minimise our footprint while sustaining the continuity of our organisation. Our state-of-the-art sustainable production site in Son is a perfect example of this.

More about sustainable production

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