Van Loon Group consists of six ambitious meat processing companies: Van Loon Meat, Brandenburg, ENKCO, Van de Raa, Meat Friends and Best Star Meat.
Van Loon Group’s outlook can be summarised as: 'There’s always room for improvement'. Better cooperation throughout the chain. More efficient and durable production. Ongoing concept and product innovation. For us, this is the only way to continuously offer consumers and customers the very best. And that's our main focus.

Van Loon Group enters the market of meat alternatives

Launch of ‘The Blue Butcher’ at Anuga 2019 (Köln, 5 – 9 October)

Van Loon Group launches The Blue Butcher, an extensive range of innovative meat replacers. The Blue Butcher is in line with the growing demand for meat alternatives that are every bit as good as animal protein in terms of taste, texture and nutritional values. Our new ‘No Meat Inside’ range reflects our view that food should be real, straightforward and sustainable.

The six products in the launch-range include a burger, mince, sausages, no-meat balls and two types of schnitzels. They fit the needs for the retail and foodservice market.

Van Loon’s new meat alternatives are revolutionary in that they are almost indistinguishable from meat. And for a price which is recognizable as fresh meat.

Unique is the colour code blue which introduces a new category within the fresh meat section by The Blue Butcher. Blue means ‘No Meat Inside’ and will inspire consumers to opt for ‘No Meat Today’.

Quality as a driving force

Quality as a driving force

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Sustainable business

Sustainable business

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Working at Van Loon Group

Working at Van Loon Group

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Our business processes are fully geared to ensuring 100% customer focus. For our employees, ‘putting the customer first’ is second nature. We understand that Sustainability and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand. We work hard at that every day - a continuous process. We also believe in ‘keeping it simple’ and not taking a difficult route if there’s an easier one available. We don’t think of problems - but in solutions. Van Loon Group is a solid and powerful family business: we have a long-term vision and the ‘Always room for improvement’ mentality can be felt throughout.


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