Van Loon Group is an enterprising family business and consists of six passionate, innovative and forward-thinking producers of meat products and meat substitutes: Van Loon Meat, Meat Friends, Brandenburg  Culinary, ENKCO, Best Star Meat and Verhey Meat.
In order to guarantee quality, we never stand still. We’re constantly looking for ways to do things even better. We want to be the most sustainable, customer-focussed meat processor, and so the best partner for our stakeholders. This demands even closer cooperation in our supply chain. Even more efficient and more sustainable production methods. Continuous innovation in both meat concepts and products.
The Van Loon Group philosophy: better every day.

Leading in meat, first in sustainability.

Focused on the future. That’s how we operate today. And that’s how we were operating half a century ago. What started as a modest family business in the agricultural Dutch province of Brabant has now gown into the Van Loon Group: a group of dynamic companies across the Netherlands, in which 2,000 committed employees strive every day to make a real difference. And, as we grow, we continue to stay true to the norms and values of our roots, and are investing in a culture of personal involvement and entrepreneurship.

Sustainable, safe and healthy
What are we doing to strengthen our commitment to realising our ambition to become the Number One? By tapping into to our passion to improve on a daily basis. With highly motivated and committed team players. With employees and suppliers who understand that you can only win by working together. As the orchestrator in the chain, we’re leading the way when it comes to animal welfare. We’re taking control of making the chain become more sustainable, and we’re developing new initiatives. ‘Varken op z’n Best’ (Pig at its Best) illustrates how, by working together with our suppliers and customers, we can make continuous progress in the chain. Not only when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and bringing down the level of antibiotics used, but also in order to realise improvements in quality, health and transparency.

Strict selection: high quality
Our aim is to increase the success of our customers by offering delicious, responsibly produced meat products that the consumer will enjoy. This is why we only accept the very best raw materials from outstanding suppliers. Strict selection criteria apply to our livestock breeders and abattoirs, who apply the same demanding standards was we do ourselves. And consumers who enjoy a meat-free day, don’t need to miss out. The Blue Butcher is the Van Loon answer to the demand for sustainable, healthy and, above all, tasty alternatives: meat substitutes products that taste like meat. Here too, the quality of the source determines the quality of the end product. This is the quality we guarantee.

Van Loon Group:

Good source. Great food.

Quality as a driving force

Quality as a driving force

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