Consumers must be able to rely on healthy, safe and sustainable meat products. This requires thoroughly hygienic and food safe production processes
  • a hygienic and fully food-safe production process
  • transparency: we always know exactly where meat comes from and communicate openly about each part of the chain
  • we are continuously working on developing healthier products (less fat, less salt, less allergens, fewer E-numbers)
  • sustainable business across the board
In the meat processing industry, quality is a wide-ranging term. Van Loon Group is committed to continuously improving the quality of its products and ensuring the greatest possible security. Each of us strives towards this, every day – not only our QA (Quality Assurance) department.

Supply chain management

The meat industry supply chain involves many partners, such as farmers, livestock producers, transport firms, veterinarians, slaughterhouses and meat processing companies. Van Loon Group is convinced that you can only deliver quality if you know, monitor and manage each step in the chain.

Cooperation between the various supply chain partners is very important. We put a great deal of effort into this and, as chain director, ensure the processes involved are carried out by each link in the chain.

Food safety

Meat products are perishable products. Our processes, systems and processes are, therefore, fully adapted to optimising hygiene and food safety and constantly being monitored. Naturally, all Van Loon Group companies are certified BRC or IFS Higher Level.


Each year, we carry out hundreds of internal audits (including Hygiene, Order and Neatness – Hygiëne, Orde en Netheid / HON) and undergo dozens of external audits. We also carry out more than 40,000 microbiological analyses each year, including raw materials, end products and process water.


Van Loon Group strives to fully understand each step in the chain. This makes the whole process (‘from farmer to plate’) transparent to us, but also to our clients and ultimately the consumer. We always know exactly what the source of meat is. That offers a feeling of security.


Van Loon Group has 11 unique quality certifications (such as IFS, Better Life, Bio…) and 49 further certificates across ten locations.